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Phillipe Balligand and his HM293
These photographs are stills, edited from a movie of Phillipe Balligand in flight with his
1000 flight hour HM293. I met Phillipe when he visited the United States to train at an
experimental pilots school in the southern California desert near Burt Rutan's facility. We
discussed how to accurately calculate the proper C.G. location for the Flying Fleas. We had
lunch together and then said good bye. Phillipe has contributed a lot to the Flea effort. He
will be truely missed, due to his fatal accident when he tried to avoid crashing into others
on the ground.  
 Please enjoy the flight, as Phillipe definitely did.
New Zealand Falconar HM-293 Under Construction
Falconar Avia has added an Ultra
Light HM293 Flea derivative design
to their Flying Flea Ultralights plans
and kit packages using the
F4Fras13 airfoils. Falconar Avia's
model is the
295E.  Click Here to
link to Falconar's website and
request the
Ultra Light 295E plans
package with the
F4Fras13 airfoils.
The newly smoothed F5Fras13
contour overlay has also been
supplied to Falconar Avia. It should
be available by
asking for it.
Falconar's Literature Specs. for 290E with
31 HP Hirth F263 (62 lbs)
Airframe =160 lbs
Engine, Prop & Cowl = 86 lbs
Empty Weight = 246 lbs
Gross Weight = 476 lbs
Pilot = 170 lbs
Baggage = 20 lbs
Fuel (5 gal) = 30 lbs
Wing Loading: 4 lbs/sq. ft.
Performance (31 hp):
Takeoff = 180 ft.
Climb = 500 ft./min.
Power Loading:
15.4 lbs./hp
Top Speed = 60 mph (prop pitch de-rated to
meet US ultra light vehicle regs.)
Cruise = 50 mph
Min. Speed = 25 mph
A Stack of F4Fras15 Ribs
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A shot at
the grass

A climb
before rollout

Wing Fold
/ unfold

Aim at the
spot on the

Roll out
after a pass

Pull to the

Mr. P.B.

Keeping in


On the way
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